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The last time we saw Simon Garth, the bank teller single-handedly stopped a gang of murderous robbers and got shot, bitten by zombies, and med-evac-ed straight into Army custody for scientific experimentation as death and the necrotic infection overtook him fast. No problem, right? Find out how Simon got out of THAT one - assuming he did - and check out his further adventures battling the undead - unless, that is, he's one of them now - in a brutal, gory, disgusting, and awesome re-imagining of one of Marvel's strangest horror heroes that could only be dreamed up by artist/co-writer Kyle Hotz (Zombie) and Eric Powell (The Goon)! Collects The Zombie: Simon Garth #1-4.


Condition: MINT !


Packaged with Collectors in mind. They will be individually bagged, and boxed. This not only helps to prevent magazine edge damage during the shipping phase, but it also helps to prevent folding and rough handling of the magazine(s), helping to ensure you will receive your item in the same condition that it was shipped(25)

Zombie: Simon Garth TPB Paperback

SKU: 9780785127512
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