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Over the years we've been really lucky to have been so well thought of that many of our favorite creative persons have swung by to check out ol'Suspect informally, or sometimes, as official guests for meet and greet sessions.
Unfortunately being terrible archivists and general dunderheads many times we didn't get a chance to document some of these appearances so if anyone has photos or autographed items of celebs you've met at Suspect and want them immortalized on our site ( especially PETER JACKSON, JORG BUTTGEREIT, GASPAR NOE, MARY WORONOV, JOH CRYER, MISTY MUNDAE (ERIN BROWN), SAMUEL JACKSON, RICHARD STANLEY...etc)  send them to - thanks and enjoy!!
We have been lucky enough to have had one of the true masters of the giallo genre to our humble abode for not one, but two great signings.  Always gracious with the fans, DARIO ARGENTO appeared once at our Markham street store and once at our queen street store.
Mr. Argento hung out both times for several hours signing anything fans brought in, chatted with fans and was generally everything you'd hoped he would be.  
No attitude, no drama.    
Back when MTV Canada was around they had a program that asked visiting celebs to pick a place to go, hang out and get videoed while being interviewed.  SEAN WILLIAM SCOTT chose Suspect.  During the course of that day he hung out in front and behind the counter, joking around, asking questions, dealing with customers and generally being a staff member.  A staff member that was being highlighted by MTV Canada. Cool dude. 
More stories on the covers below coming soon.
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