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Classic Italian film poster art is renowned as being among the most accomplished, creative and dynamic of its kind. From the post-war period through to the 1980s, Italian artists consistently produced posters with sumptuously stunning designs and imagery – not least in the science fiction and horror genres, for which compositions almost invariably included curvaceous female figures in jeopardy, juxtaposed with the iconography of fantasy and terror.

"Voluptuous Terrors" collects 120 film posters by a wide range of acclaimed Italian artists, created for both indigenous and foreign-language film productions. Classic science fiction, pulp horror, and giallo movies all figure in full-color, full-page reproductions showcasing some of the world’s most innovative and seductive poster design.

Art of Cinema is a new series of high-quality art and design publications.

Condition: Mint!   


All books are packaged with Collectors in mind. They will be individually bagged, and sandwiched between two pieces of over-sized cardboard. This not only helps to prevent book edge damage during the shipping phase, but it also helps to prevent folding and rough handling of the book(s), helping to ensure you will receive your item in the same condition that it was shipped(M3)

Voluptuous Terrors: 120 Horror And SF Film Posters From Italy

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