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No doubt inspired by David F. Friedman’s Love Camp 7 – but still four years away from Ilsa She-Wolf of the SS – Torture Me Kiss Me is another nazploitation nugget of filth. Boasting a production budget big enough to rent period cars and costumes, Torture Me Kiss Me is a sexed-up history lesson in which every woman in France is a sexploitation actress.

Distributed by Jerand Film Distributors, Torture Me Kiss Me is a thousand times better than Patton and The Longest Day combined. It also proves once again that a little old World War can’t get in the way of sex-crazed perverts.

From the 35mm “This-is-a-marvelous-day-for-an-execution!” negative. -- Handsome Harry Archer

Format: Dvd-R
Year: 1970
Color: B&W
Starring: Christine Cybelle
Co-starring: Linda Boyce
Other cast: Uta Erickson, Blaine Quincy
Directed by: David R. Friedberg

Torture Me, Kiss Me (Adults Only!)

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