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Spanish TV personality Santiago Segura (DAY OF THE BEAST), director of award-winning short films, made his feature directorial debut with this comedy thriller. Crude ex-cop Torrente (Segura) befriends nerdy Rafi (Javier Camara) so he can get to Rafi's nympho cousin Amparito (Neus Asensi). Although Torrente's father (Tony Leblanc) can walk, Torrente has him out begging daily from a wheelchair. When his father almost dies after eating, Torrente deduces that heroin is being trafficked through a Chinese restaurant. Gathering Rafi's friends for a drug bust, Torrente senses an opportunity to get back on the glory road. Filmed in a poor neighborhood of Madrid.

Torrente: The Dumb Arm of the Law

SKU: 751778950966
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