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From producer Dick Randall (ESCAPE FROM WOMEN’S PRISON, PIECES) comes the notorious Mondo mash-up in which a Jayne Mansfield sound-alike narrates footage of Jayne being chased by paparazzi in Rome, wearing bikinis in Cannes and partying with drag queens in Paris, before suddenly veering into graphic photos of her horrific accident and a posthumous tour of her Hollywood mansion. Mickey Hargitay co-stars in this “deranged kaleidoscope of titillating insanity” (Film Threat), scanned from the 35mm Something Weird archival print.

Special Features:

  • SD Video Master Version of Feature
  • The Devil & Jayne: Interview with Anton LaVey Biographer Blanche Barton
  • BONUS MOVIE: Wild, Weird, Wonderful Italians (966 Italian Mondo, scanned from 35mm print from the Something Weird archives)
  • Trailer


In one of the most infamous Mondo movies of all, host Boris Karloff guides you through a world “throbbing and pulsing with love, from the jungle orgies of primitive tribes to sin-filled evenings of the London sophisticate.” Along the way, you’ll also experience Bedouin pimps, amorous dwarves, Spanish transvestites, German lesbians, Indian exorcists, Neapolitan cigarette smugglers and Chinese bondage models, now scanned in 4k from the original negative.

Special Features:

  • BONUS MOVIE: The Orientals – 1960 Italian Mondo, scanned from 35mm print from the Something Weird archives
  • Trailer

Wild World of Jayne Mansfield / Mondo Balorodo set (Blu-Ray)

SKU: 888235031293
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