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The Shadow's crime-fighting organization became fully-formed in "The Chinese Disks", in which these tokens of crime lead The Shadow on a trail of danger. A sequel to Gibson's first novel, "The Living Shadow", the novel features the return of The Shadow's first major foe, Diamond Bert Farwell, and introduces long-time characters Moe Shrevnitz, reformed former-crooks Hawkeye and Tapper, Pietro, and the giant African Jericho Druke. "Malmordo" features a daffodil as a symbol of danger, a creature with a rodent face, and a menu card with the circled message: "Midnight - Morte - Monday", all of which send The Shadow in pursuit of the world's most desperate criminal. The book features the original pulp cover by George Rozen and interior illustrations by Tom Lovell, who went on to become one of the 20th century's greatest illustrative painters. (45)

The Chinese Disks/Malmordo: Two Classic Adventures of the Shadow

SKU: 9781932806526
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