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Season Five: Tomb it may concern. Yes, you. No one else is reading this, right? Besides, you're the ideal person for this happily haunted collection of scares and silliness - someone warm and bleeding. Sorry, breathing. The Cryptkeeper delivers more keepers with this atmosfearic Season 5. Ready to delight your feverishly warped mind are "Forever Ambergris", with Steve Buscemi and Roger Daltrey portraying war photographers; "Two For The Show," with Traci Lords, David Paymer and Vincent Spano embroiled in a tale of wife and death; "Well Cooked Hams", with Martin Sheen and Billy Zane putting hocus pocus in focus as rival magicians; plus 10 more eerie encounters of fate, fiends and flat-out funniness. Lullaby and good fright, kiddies! 

Tales from the Crypt: The Complete Fifth Season

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