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Sylvia is the main attraction in the club where night after night she dances until the early morning for the lonely men who cannot get their eyes off her curves. Easy going gal, she wakes up after a hot party next to two dead bodies. Accused by the police of being a more than willing accessory to the crime, she finds herself also haunted by a sadist with a wooden leg. Drawn into a nightmare made of sex, orgies, torture and violence, Sylvia has no place to hide.

SYLVIA is one of the most obscure and more rabidly sought AFTER films of maestro Jess Franco. With a mind-blowing performance by goddess Lina Romay, the film is custom made for all the euro-exploitation lovers. Frantic camerawork, psychedelic editing, breezy jazz music and steamy sex are the ingredients that Jess Franco boils up to perfection. Unmissable!


Spanish Credits (alternative opening)
Italian Credits

Sylvia (Jess Franco) (Dvd)

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