Subspecies II is on Blu-ray and in High-Definition for the first time with AMAZING Widescreen color correction, 5.1 sound, with an incredible amount of extras:

The centuries-old conflict that has plagued the villages of Transylvania explodes into bloodshed. The mad vampire Radu (ANDERS HOVE) becomes obsessed with Michelle (DENICE DUFF), who loves his half-mortal brother Stefan. In his quest to possess Michelle and the sacred relic, the Bloodstone, Radu destroys Stefan as he sleeps.

Michelle steals the Bloodstone and escapes from Radu s castle. She finds a lair beneath a theatre in Bucharest and stalks the streets in torment, torn between her fading humanity and her growing thirst for blood.

She phones her sister Rebecca (MELANIE SHATNER) and begs her to come to Bucharest to help her. With the aid of Mel Thompson (KEVIN BLAIR) of the US Embassy and Romanian policeman Lt. Marin (ION HAIDUC) she hunts for Michelle in the shadows of the sinister city.

Radu, desperate to regain the Bloodstone, seeks help from his monstrous mother, the ageless sorceress Mummy , who demands the he destroy Michelle before she destroys him. Rebecca becomes Radu s unwitting pawn in the race to find Michelle and the Bloodstone.


86 mins

Audio: 5.1 Surround Sound

Aspect Ratio: Widescreen


Year 1993

Format: Blu-ray

Region: A/1

HD 1080p

Starring: Michael Denish , Anders Hove , Denice Duff , Melanie Shatner , Pamela Gordon , Kevin Blair , Ion Haiduc




* Making Subspecies: The Recollections of Ted Nicolaou, Anders Hove, and Denice Duff video interviews * Audio Commentary by Ted Nicolaou, Anders Hove, and Denice Duff * Killer Subspecies Montage * Full Length Original VideoZones
* Full Moon Trailers

Anders Hove Denice Duff Kevin Spirtas
Produced by Charles Band
Original Music by Richard Kosinski
Cinematography by Vlad Paunescu
Film Editing by Bert Glatstein Gregory Sanders
Casting by Perry Bullington Robert MacDonald
Directed by Ted Nicolaou

Subspecies II: Bloodstone Blu-ray