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Condition: PERFECT.

For a quarter of a century, pulp magazines were the most popular entertainment medium in America. Read by everyone from schoolchildren to businessmen, their contents ranged from hard-boiled detective yarns to sci-fi to syrupy love stories. Their sensational and often lurid cover illustrations were considered low-grade trash by the literary and artistic standards of their day, but time has a funny way of changing things. Now deemed Americana Pop Art, the original illustrations fetch thousands of dollars at auctions. Strange Days presents 32 full-color, framable examples of this gaudy but appealing genre. Included are works by some of its most renowned artists, including Virgil Finlay, Hannes Bok, Edd Cartier, Margaret Brundage, Jerome Rozen, Enoch Bolles, and Walter Baumhoffer. Presented in an oversized 11' x 15' format and printed on heavy stock, Strange Days is a must-have collection for any pulp or period art fan.

Strange Days: Aliens, Adventurers, Devils, and Dames

SKU: 9781599290393
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