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44 Gritty & Grimy Euro-Cowboy Movie Previews from the 1960s & 70s!

  • 1.The Man Who Came to Kill
    2.Ace High
    4.Roko’s Revenge
    6.Return of Sabata
    7.Adios Sabata
    8.They Call Me Trinity
    9.Duck You Sucker
    10.Django The Last Killer
    11. A Train for Django
    12. Viva Django
    13. Django Kills Silently
    14.Clint The Nevada’s Loner
    15. El Cisco
    16. A Reason to Live A Reason to Die
    17. $100,000 Dollars for Ringo
    18. Ringo’s Big Night
    19. A Minute to Pray A Second to Die
    20. Ringo The Mark of Vengeance
    21. Kill Johnny Ringo
    22. Three Gun Showdown
    23. Here’s Django Pay or Die
    24. Shoot Gringo Shoot
    25. Shadow or Sartana… Shadow of Your Death
    26. Turn I’ll Kill You
    27. El Desperado
    28. Chapagua’s Gold
    29. Sartana’s Here to Trade Your Pistol for a Coffin
    30. Tequila Joe
    31. 30 Winchesters for Diablo
    32. I’ll Forgive You Before I Kill You
    33. The Ballard of Django
    34. The Sheriff Won’t Shoot
    35. A Golden Sheriff
    36. The Hangman’s Tree
    37. For a Few Dollars Less
    38. The Taste of Vengeance
    39. Go For Broke
    40. And For a Roof, A Sky Full o’ Stars
    41. One Gun One Hundred Graves
    42. Buffalo Bill
    43. White Comanche
    44. God Forgive, His Life is Mine


SKU: 34219
Format: DVD-R
Year: 1960s - 1970s
Color: Color

Spaghetti Western Trailer Show (Adults Only)

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