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A Sexy Shocker Homo Horror! Mustached, long-haired Jonathan Trent (in snazzy, cool-dude platform shoes) looks for his missing brother, Clark, at the house of "Mr. Natas" (who probably lives across the street from "Mr. Alucard"). Sissy servant Carl says he knows no Clark and that "The Master" is unavailable.


Not quite. Clark is in the house alright, participating in a sloppy satanic ritual with Carl and Taylor, another of Natas’ servants: "The holy exchange of life force to life force is our gift to Natas," who returns the gift with his lustful energies." Which translates as Clark slurping on Carl’s cucumber while shooting his spunk into a silver chalice.

The fertile load is then poured over the mouth of a sleeping Nalas who wakes wearing only a Dracula cape and sporting a mouthful of plastic fangs. Yes, children, it’s a gay vampire cull and, after dining on Clark’s arm. Natas has his ass for dessert.

Jonathan breaks into the house and is quickly held prisoner in a room with horrid floral wallpaper: "Interrupting in our services are never tolerated. Mr. Trent." Informed that "darkness will be your day, the sun will be your night, and Natas will be your soul." Jonathan is initiated into the cult when Clark puts his Clark bar into brother Jonathan s mouth.

After Clark and the boys squirt their "life force" all over him, Clark reveals that he too has a mouth bulging with fake fangs and bites Jonathan on the neck. Then, to complete the festivities, Natas shows Jonathan how to do the old buttock boogaloo...

Punchline: a young man delivers a package to the home of Natas and Jonathan is the new servant...

Mommy, I’m scared.

Directed by gay porn pioneer TOM DeSIMONE (a.k.a. "Lancer Brooks") who also helmed the mainstream, equally unterrifying LINDA BLAIR horror opus Hell Night.

— Dwight Pangbom, Those Hollywood Homos

SKU: 36294
Format: DVD-R
Year: 1970s
Color: Color
Starring: Ned Burke
Co-starring: Carl Ford
Other cast: Bill North
Directed by: Lancer Brooks (Tom DeSimone)

Sons of Satan (Adults Only)

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