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Slaughter's back and the mob's out to get him! Big Jim Brown (The Dirty Dozen; Ice Station Zebra) returns in the role of the ex-Green Beret who takes on the job of scorching the mob in this spectacular actioner! Co-starring Ed McMahon ('the Tonight Show ); Gloria Hendry (Live And Let Die) and Scatman Crothers (The Shining); Slaughter's Big Rip-Off is one fast-paced massacre [that] puts it all out front (LA Herald-Examiner)!When a gunman in a plane tries to pull a fly-by on Slaughter; he knows his battle with the mob and corrupt cops is far from over. Helped by an honest detective and a good-hearted pimp; Slaughter goes on a mission to expose a list that names every politician and policeman on the mob dole. But it won't be easy. The list is in the home safe of the big man himself (McMahon) and he'll do anything including kidnapping Slaughter's babe to keep it! Blaxploitation. 94 min.(12)

Slaughter's Big Ripoff

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