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     The Ultimate Exploitation Sampler Video! Dr. Henenlotter has surgically removed his favorite scenes from the first volumes of his Sexy Shockers series, and sewn them into one outrageous parade of perversion! 100 minutes of monsters, naked gals, gratuitous violence, and idiotic moments from these rare, classicks !

  • The Awful Dr. Orloff
  • Horrors of Spider Island
  • Monster of Camp Sunshine
  • Curious Dr. Humpp
  • Beast That Killed Women
  • Mundo Depravados
  • Satan in High Heels
  • Ecco
  • Sex Killer
  • Day of the Nightmare
  • Mondo Balordo
  • The Fat Black Pussycat
  • Bloody Pit of Horror
  • The Love Cult
  • Mondo Pazzo
  • Two Girls for a Madman
  • Sexy Proibitissimo
  • House on Bare Mountain
  • The Ultimate Degenerate
  • Invitation to Ruin
  • Mondo Bizarro
  • The Electric Chair
  • Honeymoon of Terror
  • Psycho Lover
  • Mondo Freudo
  • Death by Invitation
  • She Mob
  • Heat of Madness
  • The Girl from S.I.N.
  • The Room of Chains

  • Your life may never be the same...

Sexy Shockers Psycho Reel

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