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It's DARK, HORRIFIC and very FUNNY. The "Grin Creeper," writer ROBERT STEVEN RHINE's, 280 page, glossy, color, graphic novel, featuring 43 of the top horror comic book illustrators in the world: WILLIAM STOUT, TIM VIGIL, ALAN. M. CLARK, JOHN CASSADAY, HILARY BARTA, STEVE BISSETTE, SPAIN RODRIGUEZ, FRANK DIETZ, JIM SMITH, TONE RODRIGUEZ, FRANK FORTE, ERIC PIGORS, ALEX PARDEE, MIKE SOSNOWSKI, OMAHA PEREZ, JOE VIGIL, JOHN HOWARD, DAVID HARTMAN, MATT HOWARTH, D.W. FRYDENDALL, TOMMY CASTILLO, BRYAN BAUGH, SHANNON WHEELER, VINCENT WALLER, JACOB HAIR, GAK, NENAD GUCUNJA, JOE BUCCO, KEVIN COLDEN, MARK COVELL, STEVE COBB, ANDY BRADY, DAVID PALEO, FRANKIE B. WASHINGTON, JOHN WATKINS CHOW, RICH LONGMORE, RAFAL HRYNKIEWICZ, STEPH DUMAIS, ALEKSANDAR SOTIROVSKI, JEFF GAITHER, CLAY HENSS, STEVEN MANNION, ALASTAIR FELL & NORMAN CABRERA. SATAN's 3-RING CIRCUS of HELL is a more humorous and darker "Tales Of The Crypt," pushing the boundaries farther, while walking the knife-blade between horror and humor. This collectors anthology brings more top horror genre artists together in one quality horror collection than ever before! Four years in the making -- a true labor of blood. The book also features the award winning short story by R.S. Rhine, first prize winner of the 2005 WORLD HORROR CON dark fiction contest, "Propeller Boy” (illustrated by Alex Pardee).

Condition: MINT !


Ppackaged with Collectors in mind. They will be individually bagged, and boxed. This not only helps to prevent magazine edge damage during the shipping phase, but it also helps to prevent folding and rough handling of the magazine(s), helping to ensure you will receive your item in the same condition that it was shipped(25)

Satan's 3-Ring Circus of Hell Paperback

SKU: 9780976850908
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