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In the 1970s, his legendary films El Topo and The Holy Mountain redefined movies as both art and entertainment while changing the face of cinema forever. And in 1989, visionary writer/director Alejandro Jodorowsky returned with his modern masterpiece: It is the story a young circus performer, the crime of passion that shatters his soul, and the macabre journey back to the world of his armless mother, deaf-mute lover, and murder. It is an odyssey of ecstasy and anguish, belief and blasphemy, beauty and madness. It is unlike any movie you have seen before…or ever will. Axel Jodorowsky, Blanca Guerra and Guy Stockwell star in this epic of surreal genius, now fully restored and featuring more than five hours of exclusive Extras that reveal the mind behind one of the most provocative and unforgettable motion pictures experiences of our time.

– Forget Everything You Have Ever Seen: The World Of Santa Sangre: Exclusive Feature Length Making-Of Documentary Featuring All-New Interviews with the Cast And Crew
– Audio Commentary with Jodorowsky and Journalist Alan Jones
– Deleted Scenes with Director Commentary
– For One Week Only: Alejandro Jodorowsky: 1990 UK Documentary
– Goyo Cardenas Spree Killer: Documentary on the Real Life Inspiration For Santa Sangre
– On Stage Q&A With Jodorowsky
– Jodorowsky 2003 Interview
– Simon Boswell Interviews Jodorowsky
– Blink Jodorowsky Short by Simon Boswell
– “Close Your Eyes” Simon Boswell Music Video
– Echeck: Adan Jodorowsky Short Film With Optional Commentary
– Severin Trailers

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Santa Sangre

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