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Transferred from an original pre-record source.




   A group of mercenaries packing some serious heavy artillery are sent into to the jungle to complete a secret mission they know absolutely nothing about.

     While exploring the jungle and their reason for being there, they come across a practically indestructible handmade killing machine that was designed as a hi-tech secret warfare weapon. Every member of the party is wiped out by the robo-soldier except the leader who discovers that the menace he's fighting is actually constructed using body parts of his old war buddy.

     Bruno Mattei again teams up with Reb Brown to bring you this blatant rip-off of the '80s action classic Predator. It is a highly entertaining Italian imitation that uses most of its budget filling the screen with flying bullets and explosions.



 Bruno Mattei (as Vincent Dawn)


 Rossella Drudi (screenplay), Rossella Drudi (story) |1 more credit »


 Reb Brown, Catherine Hickland, Massimo Vanni

Audio: English (Japanese subtitles)

Format: Widescreen

Italy, 1988 / Uncut

ROBOWAR (Region 1) Uncut Dvdr

  • NOTE: This is a manufacture on demand item of a long out of print or unreleased film/television program.   Fee is for transfer services only.  it is our understanding that no organization currently has rights to this item in North America.  If you have information as to a legitimate rights holder, please contact us with the information and halting of sales of this item will take effect upon confirmation of information and such information will be passed on to the transfer company.

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