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Time Warner Interactive (May 1995)

R. Crumb Screensaver and Companion (for Windows, about $50) from the Byron Preiss Multimedia Company at (800) 482-3766. This is a mixed bag of screensavers, Windows "wallpaper," a virtually functionless calendar and artwork that can be exported to word-processing documents.But it does convey at least some of Mr. Crumb's crotchety sensibility, at once inspired by and skeptical of the world of the Haight. After Mr. Natural, Mr. Snoid and Eggs Ackley traipse across the screen, you can choose a sequence that begins "Hey, dig it! Hippies!" and proceeds through snide but loving images of things like Tarot cards, a mandala medallion, a 100-pound bag of brown rice and flower children saying "Like, heavy!"(42)

R. Crumb Screensaver

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