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From writer/director/composer Chris Alexander – the editor-in-chief of Fangoria – comes with the “spiritual sequel” to his acclaimed debut feature, BLOOD FOR IRINA. Shauna Henry returns as the vampire Irina, now reborn to silently roam a lush countryside quenching her thirst for human blood. But rather than follow standard horror narratives, Alexander instead subverts the genre to explore a crimson-soaked fever dream influenced by the ‘70s Euro Horror of Jess Franco and Jean Rollin. Nivek Ogre of Skinny Puppy and REPO! THE GENETIC OPERA co-stars in this “haunting and visionary” (Cinema Axis) shocker featuring costumes by Alex Kavanagh (the SAW franchise, LAND OF THE DEAD) and FX work from Paul Jones (SILENT HILL, THE RESIDENT EVIL films) for an opus of the undead unlike any you’ve ever seen. (2)

Queen Of Blood (Signed)

SKU: 663390000687
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