And, baby, she sure is!

But while Pamela herself might be summed up as an upper-class housewife looking for a fling, “Pamela, Pamela you are…” is an entirely different matter. From its opening barrage of disorienting images – suburbia, S&M, affluence, a nude orgy, with the film’s titles and credits perversely withheld until the very end – “Pamela, Pamela you are…” is obviously an attempt at something other than a mere nudie. In fact, it comes off as a Sixties-style mix between the groovy mainstream of films like Richard Lester’s Petulia and the sordid underbelly of director WILLIAM L. ROSE’s earlier Rent-a-Girl.

After meeting Calvin Miller (PAUL HARDY), “the perfect escort,” at a party the night before, middle-aged and seemingly conservative Pamela Browning (ELAINE EDWARDS) is startled when the slick-but-creepy guy shows up the next morning at her home. After Calvin first makes her a foolishly elaborate breakfast, he then makes her. Which is when her dippy stepdaughter Susan (MARY LINDSAY) unexpectedly comes home. Pretending to be an architect, Calvin cons Pam’s stuffy hubby Felix – who’s making it with his secretary – all the while zeroing in on Susan.