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This third volume of Something Weird’s unashamed Nudist series is "dedicated to Further Acceptance of the Nudist Way of Life! We believe that Complete Exposure of the Body to the Sun is Essential to Good Mental and Physical Health! Illustration of the Complete Human Form encourages a more Universal Acceptance of the Body as Clean and Wholesome and demonstrates a Way of Life for the Whole Family." In other words: Yahoo! More naked people! Even better, this is a Special All-Pickles and Beaver Spectacular featuring happy nudists from the 1960’s downright eager to share their private parts with the entire world!


A Day at a Nudist Camp (b&w) looks like someone’s nudist camp home movies which were then sold as 8mm loops in four unclothed parts: Part 1: Mid Morning. Part 2: High Noon, Part 3: Early Afternoon, and Part 4: Late Afternoon. Of course, there isn’t a damn bit of difference between what these nudists do at 10am or 2pm. It’s all just Mr. and Mrs. Average Citizen playing naked ping pong, naked horseshoes, naked volleyball, and basically doing a whole lot of naked nothing. One guy has a gigantic belly (he looks like he just ate one of the other camp members), another guy has a fly swatter (nudists hate flies), and -- oh, Jesus! Is that Grandma?

In Candid Nudistviews No. 3: An Afternoon with Marlene (b&w), we see a smart, sophisticated young lady (hey, she even wears fancy white gloves!) return home from window shopping, take off her clothes in the backyard and -- wait! That ain’t Marlene! It’s skinflick starlet MARSHA JORDAN (Lady Godiva Rides), looking just fine as she shows it all for the camera, frolics in her pool, and reminds us why she became sexploitation’s Queen of the Nudies!

Then it’s time for a Nudist Cruise (color) with at least a dozen carefree nautical nudists airing out their genitalia on the high seas. One guy carries a slingshot. I dunno... slingshots and full frontal nudity just seems downright dangerous. At one point, a landing party of eight go ashore for their very own private Naked Beach Party complete with badminton, bongos, and one gal checking rocks with a Geiger counter! Hey, we don’t want any glow-in-the-dark nudists!

Nude on the Florida Keys (color) is a plug for the American Sunbathers Association which shows fun-lovin’ nudists frolicking at the sea shore. Must be something in the air ’cause the girls sure look prettier in sunny FLA. Occasionally captions like "Fun in the Sun" are superimposed over the action which seems redundant since the naked beauties on display say it all so much better...

Camp Jaybird (b&w) features naked shuffleboard, naked table tennis, nudists smearing mud on themselves then washing it off (we assume they do that for hours), and a gorgeous blonde who bears a happy resemblance to Irish McCalla.

Finally, a series of color shorts show a good-looking group of Weekend Nudists setting up camp rather than going to one. They bounce on a mini-trampoline, spray on bug repellent, splash in a mangy pond, and lift weights. There’s even a single Afro-American male nudist amongst them which brings up an interesting point: why is nudism so gosh darn Caucasian?

-- François Pinky

SKU: 37440
Format: DVD-R
Color: Color and B&W
Starring: Marsha Jordan

Nudes, Nudists and Nudism Vol.3 (Adults Only!)

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