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C’mon! Take off your clothes and join Something Weird Video in a care-free, sun-drenched "’60s style" romp back to nature with this two-hour compilation of shorts, trailers, and film clips celebrating unclad cuties and men with protuberant personalities sunning, funning, and cavorting about in their unabashed, unashamed nakedness! Yup, it’s a nudist potpourri -- complete with a healthy serving of pickles and beaver -- where everyone looks better when they’re wearing only the wind!

VINCENE WALLACE, of A Sweet Sickness and Russ Meyer’s Vixen, strolls a beach with a gal pal when they stumble over a pile of clothes belonging to the Nudist Patrol: four buck naked, hunky guys! The ladies quickly join the men by getting undressed and... well, acting goofy! Then skinflick starlet JUNE ROBERTS is seen in nudist camp clips from BARRY MAHON’s Censored, and four nature-lovin’ loops detail A French Nudist Adventure with a nude beach, a nude contest, nude ping-pong, and a nude barbecue! Hey, don’t burn those buns!

Miss STACEY WALKER, the pouty-lipped heroine of The Notorious Daughter of Fanny Hill, is asked to judge a nudist colony beauty contest in But Charlie, I Never Played Volleyball!, a short directed by the great DAVID F. FRIEDMAN (under his nudie moniker, "Davis Freeman")! And Miss PAT CASSE hangs around a nudist swimming pool in Scenes of Patty from Corsican Production’s Bachelor Tom Peeping, a nudie film not yet otherwise available!

You’ll also experience "The Wonderful World of Complete Nudity!" with some mint-quality scenes from Girls Come Too featuring jaybirds doing handstands, somersaults, and gyrating with a hula hoop! There’s even a nudist fashion show (a what?) where naked gals parade around in mink coats and wraps! Oh, those wacky nudists! Then sing along with the opening credits of Diary of a Nudist ("Read the story on page one, ’bout the lovers of the sun...")!

Finally, lest we forget, flashback with us to the era that started it all with "A Nude Trip thru Heaven" in the 1930’s short, Nudes, Nudists, and Nudism Around the World in which good old-fashioned, God-fearing American families frolic around in the raw! They certainly were shaped differently back then...

Plus, sprinkled throughout, are coming attractions for the combo of Pussycats Paradise and A Trip Around the World ("A Riotous Bare-Ful Romp!"); Goldilocks and the Three Bares with beatnik narration by HERSCHELL GORDON LEWIS; Take Off Your Clothes and Live ("A Naked Romp on the Riviera!"); Eves on Skis ("Nature Girls Basking in Alpine Splendor!"); Nudes on Tiger Reef ("There’s Nudes All Over the Place!"); The Sun, The Place and The Girls ("Life as it is Really Lived in a Nature Camp!"); and Nudist Life ("An Honest, Real-Life Approach to the Nudist Question!")!

Yes, it’s a nude, nude, nude, nude world!

-- François Pinky

SKU: 35030
Format: DVD-R
Year: 1940s 1950s
Color: B&W
Co-starring: JUNE ROBERTS

Nudes, Nudists and Nudism Vol.1 (Adults Only!)

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