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The Muthers is another MARSHA JORDAN cookie created at the height of her softcore sexqueen career cycle shortly before hardcore clobbered the fading sexploitation circus of conservative carnality. As befitting the underlying skeleton of skin pix, The Mothers is also a morality tale of suburban swappin’ and swingin’ and teen mind-trippin’ where the older folks are lushes and the young-uns are pot blowers that all ends in a shocking and gory climax.

We’re off to a good start when an ultra-lounge schmuck is picked up barside by a chesty redhead. (The instrumental cocktail music is absolutely perfect.) When she’s off to the potty, her dick-crazed girlfriend lures the inebriate to barkeep STEVE VINCENT’S office for one of those underwear clad tussles so famous in sixties skin shows. A major catfight ensues as the opening titles roll, then gives way to a lesbianetic fondling and, within minutes, a fearsome foursome quickly begins.

Meanwhile...the seething hormones of overripe, rich bitch Sally (Miss Jordan) and Lois (popular nudie model VIRGINIA GORDON) can’t be contained by expensive homes, high-income hubbies, plenty of idle downtime, and tempestuous teen daughters. These mature sluts need to ride other ponies when their main jockeys are out whipping away at their jobs. Steve’s cocktail lounge is their main source of boxer-wrapped beef.

Sally’s daughter, Susan (KATHY WILLIAMS, a busy actress in softies like Office Love-In and The Ramrodder) learns about mom’s sex habits during a pot-soaked poolside patio orgy where she flips out in a grass-induced panic and tears ass over to the lounge to confront her. But Sally’s already on her way to a cozy, woodsy spot with a bald fuck who’s picked her up in record time. Underwear fornication aside, what ensues is a climactic capper that illustrates the payoff when the wages of sin are too freely spent by both parents and children alike - Directed by Marsha’s old pal DON DAVIS (Her Odd Tastes). But why is it called The Muthers? You — and all Marsha Jordan lovers — must see it to find out. From a 16mm print "For the Mature Adult Who Understands."

— Elliot James, Score magazine

SKU: 3147
Format: DVD-R
Year: 1968
Color: Color
Starring: Marsha Jordan
Co-starring: Kathy Williams
Other cast: Virginia Gordon , Steve Vincent
Directed by: Don Davis

Muthers, The (Adults Only!)

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