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MONSTER MADNESS: THE GOTHIC REVIVAL OF HORROR opens w/ the coming of HAMMER studios, and their resurrection of classic monsters such as DRACULA, FRANKENSTEIN'S MONSTER, THE WOLFMAN, and THE MUMMY. In color! HAMMER also offered more bright red blood, and more female flesh. The Quatermass films and X THE UNKNOWN are also discussed. Beginning w/ CURSE OF FRANKENSTEIN, the revival was on, introducing future icons, Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing! Includes great interviews w/ Lee, Cushing, Jimmy Sangster, Freddie Francis, Veronica Carlson, Ingrid Pitt, etc. Excellent trailers and clips from THE ABOMINABLE SNOWMAN, X THE UNKNOWN, and the gothic horror films. Lee and Cushing are given their proper due as legends on par w/ Karloff and Lugosi. Other stars, like Oliver Reed (CURSE OF THE WEREWOLF) are shown as well. HAMMER's psychological thrillers are examined. TIGON and AMICUS studios, and their horror anthology films, especially DR. TERROR'S HOUSE OF HORRORS and TALES FROM THE CRYPT are mentioned. The 1960's and 70's brought more violence, and even more flesh, including nudity. Ingrid Pitt makes her mark in THE VAMPIRE LOVERS! Censorship boards make their cuts. Movies like DR. JEKYL AND SISTER HYDE, HORROR OF FRANKENSTEIN, and THE SATANIC RITES OF DRACULA show the last days of HAMMER's incredible run. This third installment in the MONSTER MADNESS documentary series is as well-made, informative, and entertaining as the others. Highly recommended...(17**)

Monster Madness: Gothic Revival Of Horror

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