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Each Box contains a Complete Set of 110 Case Cards, 25 Green Parallels, One Sketch Card, and One Additional Hit!

Mars Attacks is back for its 55th Anniversary with the first-ever sequel to the original 1962 card set! Featuring a new story in-continuity with the original, taking place five years later, and painted in the classic pulp art style!



110 all-new base cards, using the iconic 1962 design on 24-pt Heritage Stock!

55 painted illustrations tell the story of the Martians' revenge on Earth. 55 Pencil Art cards finish the set with reproductions of the drawings that were created to complete the paintings.

Parallels Include:

- Emerald Green - 25 per box

Numbered parallels are randomly inserted additional cards:

- Yellow - #'d to 199
- Red - #'d to 99
- Black - #'d to 55
- Bronze - #'d to 25
- Silver - #'d to 10
- Gold - #'d to 2

Text written by legendary comic book writer Gary Carlson (Image Comics' Vanguard, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Big Bang Comics, Supreme, Mars Attacks Image).

With art by veteran Topps artists, including Fred Harper & Layron DeJarnette (paintings) and Brent Engstrom (storyboards/concept sketches).

SKETCH CARDS: 1 per box

- Classic Sketch Cards
- Loaded Puzzle Sketch Cards: Four of the standard sketch cards bundled together that form a four-card puzzle!
- Shaped Sketch Cards: Die-cut sketch cards in the shape of a Mars Attacks flying saucer!
- Panoramic Sketch Cards: Sketch cards that fold out to the width of two cards!


- Len Brown Co-Creator Autograph Cards: Versions of all 110 base cards signed by the original 1962 series' writer!
- Artist Autograph Cards: Variations of the 110 base cards signed by each card's illustrator!
- Printing Plates: The metal plates used to print the 55 painted base cards. 4 per subject, #'d 1/1 for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black!

Mars Attacks: The Revenge Trading Cards Hobby Box (Set) (Topps 2017)

SKU: 887521064502
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