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Mounting a loudspeaker on the roof, attaching butterfly decals to the sides, and slapping the words "The Meat Wagon" on the front doors, teenage Tracy (DARCY HOLLINGWORTH) turns his parents' van into a Love Truck which he and pal Gene (BO WHITE) use to embark on a pre-college road trip in this Seventies time capsule from the days when 8-track tapes were in, and driving under the influence was way cool. Of course, since this was written and directed by the prolific CHUCK VINCENT, the guys' ultimate goal is not the freedom of finding themselves on the open road but, rather, getting laid. Which is also the film's entire plot: they meet girls, have sex, meet girls, have sex. In fact, they have so much sex that this was originally released with an X-rating.

Guzzling beer and heading up to Stony Lake, the guys pick up Bee and Sparky, two cute runaway hitchhikers and, oh lordy, life seems good. Not only do the girls shoplift food for dinner from a roadside deli, but they eagerly have sex with the guys. Unfortunately, the next morning, Tracy and Gene learn that the girls are also serious kleptomaniacs....

Stopping to change a tire, the boys follow flute music to a field where they find two topless hippie chicks and Roger, their guru-like friend. (Hey, it's 1973!) "Do you like my women," Roger asks. "You may share them with me. We love all people!" Boinnng! They immediately get into a foursome right there in the great outdoors....

At a roadside diner, the boys meet Fritz (porno star ERIC EDWARDS) who tells them all about Regina, "the town nympho" who can be had in the back of her daddy's garage for the price of a few cases of beer. All well and good until three of the local bruisers show up....

Finally, Gene meets "Miss No Name" -- who seems to materialize right from the middle of Stony Lake -- while Tracy sneaks off to get it on with a middle-aged woman old enough to be his mother....
All of which is presided over by a lone biker who acts as their guardian angel....

One of Vincent's better comedies. Too many of his films play out on cheap claustrophobic sets, but Love Truck is not only shot on some very scenic locations, but actually feels like a road trip. Darcy Hollingworth and Bo White are likeable leads, though Mr. White seems a bit too delicate to be believable as a girl-crazed sex dog. He's far more convincing as one of the stars of the first pro-gay "mainstream" feature A Very Natural Thing (1974). In fact, his co-star in that one, ROBERT JOEL, pops up here for a bit as a hitchhiking preacher. Better known under the alternate title Blue Summer, the film's initial X-rating has less to do with the sex scenes being particularly graphic than with the sheer abundance of them, all of which go on for a long, long time. Which, of course, made this a perfect Seventies drive-in flick.

From a 35mm "just-bummin'-around" print.
-- Handsome Harry Archer

SKU: 3053
Format: DVD-R
Year: 1973
Color: Color
Starring: Darcy Hollingworth
Co-starring: Bo White
Other cast: Lilly Bi Peep, Joan Sterling
Directed by: Chuck Vincent

Love Truck (Adults Only !)

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