Billed as "Lahna Monroe," a pre-Ilsa DYANNE THORNE — that She-Wolf of the SS herself — starred in the granddaddy of all "suburban" skinflicks, Joe Sarno’s classic Sin in the Suburbs in 1964. Six years later, Miss Thorne returns to the wonderful world of swingers, wife-swappers, and suburbanite sin in Love Me Like I Do — originally rated X back in the day — where every neighbor is a potential home wrecker.

In a surprising turn from her usual screen villainy, Miss Throne plays Sharon Sloane, an upper-middle-class housewife with two kids, a rotten marriage, and a cheating hubby. Poor Sharon — though smack dab in the middle of Swingersville, USA, she actually thinks sex "should be confined to married couples — people who are married to each other, that is." Her husband, Bill (PETER CARPENTER), thinks differently. In fact, in the midst of one of his nighttime-backyard-barbecue-cocktail parties — complete with Marge, the neighborhood divorcee, running around bare-ass naked — Bill leaves to get some ice and ends up atop Mrs. Nanette Nolan (MARIA DE ARAGON, star of the 1973 Filipino sci-fi flick Wonder Women) w