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One of three English-dubbed films from French sexploitation vet Max Pécas released here by BOB CRESSE through his company Olympic International Films (the others being Heat of Midnight and ), Torment has so much nudity and idiot plotting that one can almost hear Cresse laughing out loud. Oddly enough, while all the posters, ads, pressbooks, photos, and theater marquees advertised the film as Torment, the actual on-screen title is Fear and Love. Obviously, Cresse thought the title Torment far more commercial but, rather than spend the money needed to change the title card, he simply combined both titles for the advertising which reads “Love + Fear = Torment!”

Neither title, however, really conveys the nuttiness at the core of Torment, best thought of as an art-film for lunatics.-- Watson Pritchard

Format: DVD-R
Year: 1967
Color: B&W (France)
Starring: Claude Cerval
Co-starring: Vera Valmont
Other cast: Pierre Tissot, Marie-Christine Weill

Love & Fear (Adults Only!)

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