A hobo hops off a train in his hometown of “Broken Springs, California,” bums through some garbage in an alley, and – cue spooky music – finds a pair of seemingly ordinary sunglasses in a crate. Encountering a pretty gal eating her lunch in a nearby park, the hobo puts on the pair of glasses, and – Like Wow! – sees the little darling in the nude: “I had a hunch I’d hit a bonanza!” (Who made the glasses, how they work, and what the hell they doing in an alley is all instantly irrelevant.)
      Rushing into a small restaurant, the starving hobo makes a quick deal with the owner. For some free eats, the hobo lets the owner put on the glasses and gawk at a lovely young lady eating lunch at a table who, through the glasses, can be seen eating her sandwich in the nude. Realizing that the glasses are even better than currency, the hobo then gets a free shave by letting a barber wear them to view two naked ladies having their nails done, gets free new clothes by letting a salesman view a naked customer, gets a free motel room by letting the manager view a naked maid, and even gets a brand new convertible by letting a car salesman gaze at a naked Miss Susie Flugelheimer.
      Our hero (and now ex-hobo) even gets a job as a door-to-door salesman, selling women’s products to malecustomers who wear the g