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Defying the devil… standing up to evil, looking it right square in the eye and facing it down is a perilous calling and in the hills and hollows of Appalachia it’s downright insane undertaking. But when young Hillbilly John (Hedges Capers) saw his kin struck down during a defying ritual, he look up the vocation, vowing to seek out the devil wherever he might hide, no matter what the danger. Now, some say the devil and such are just legends, but mountain folk swear it’s true. John on a cross-country journey defies them all, witches, monsters, a voodoo priest, son of Satan and is headed toward Washington D.C. to take care of the all the devils at our country’s capitol. Based on a best-selling book Who Fears the Devil? by Manly Wade Wellman (The Twilight Zone, Night Gallery), The Legend of Hillbilly John is an eerie cult classic stylishly directed by TV veteran John Newland (Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark).  Featuring songs by Hedges Capers with a score by Roger Kellaway (A Star is Born ’77) and a top-notch cast featuring R.G. Armstrong (White Lightning), Susan Strasberg (Scream of Fear), Denver Pyle (Bonnie and Clyde), Harris Yulin (The Believers) and Val Avery (The Wanderers).

Legend of Hillbilly John (Dvd)

SKU: 738329204976
  • Audio Commentary by Film Historians Nathaniel Bell and David Del Valle| Interview with Star Hedges Capers | Original Theatrical Trailer

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