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     Even more toys, breakfast cereals, and kiddie snacks from the 1950s-70s including: Jingle Jump, Jonny Quest for PF Flyers, Buster Brown Shoes, One-A-Day Vitamins, Lipton Soups, Francie, Barbie, Liddle Kiddles Klubhouse, Speedy - Alka Seltzer, Halo Shampoo, Snickers, Beanie and Cecil Dolls, Popeye Music Box, Charming Chatty Doll, Casper the Friendly Ghost Guitar, Mattel Lie Detector Game, Matty Mattel Talking Doll, Sonar Sub Hunt, Slaptrap, Johnny Astro, Little Miss Fussy Doll, Electro Shot Shooting Gallery, Playdough Fun Factory, Frito Bandito, Quisp and Quake Dolls, Captain Crunch, Shake-a-Puddin’, Toastettes, Chips Ahoy, M-16 Marauder Machine Gun, Incredible Edibles, Bullwinkle for Cheerios, and many many more!

SKU: 3814
Format: DVD-R
Year: 1950s 1970s
Color: Color and B&W

Kid's Commercials Vol.4

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