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"Am I a nymphomaniac?" Does a bear shit in the woods? Actually, "nymphomania" seems a bit mild in describing what’s bothering Jennifer. Horny, "half-crazed to be touched," and rubbing her dense thicket of bush so vigorously that the Deviate expected friction burns at any second, Jennifer’s a frustrated housewife with a frustrated housewife’s frustrated needs. Not to mention a tremendous pair of frustrated hooters.

Her sexually dormant husband, Cosmo, buries himself in The Wall Street Journal and resists Jennifer’s attempts "to reach down right inside his jammies where all the good times used to be." That leaves Jennifer alone to work herself into sexual frenzies, chiefly -- and here’s the coup de tease here -- by remembering "Jenny," the 18-year-old virgin she once-upon-a-time was.

All of which results in switching back and forth between the sexually-deprived Jennifer of the present and the sexually-innocent Jennifer of the past with a demented interior monologue providing the bridge. As the trailer for Jennifer so aptly puts it: "Once she was young. Now she was all need..."

Fortunately, young Jenny is so refreshingly pretty, so fresh and tender of flesh, so virginal in appearance -- with her pink-tipped peach titties and downy snatch -- that the very sight of her packs more sensual wallop than most deviates will be able to bear. Pound-for-pound, she’s the biggest turn-on this Deviate has ever seen in a movie. Watching her standing in front of a mirror, on a bed, or in a shower, and engaging in the hesitant yet somehow self-sure explorations of her budding femininity, is like a glimpse into forbidden delights.

And watch her we do -- as she discovers the joys of lesbian sex with her best chum Amy Sue; as she watches Amy Sue making it with one of the boys from school; and, finally, as she makes love for the first time with a younger version of Cosmo. Meanwhile, if we’re not watching the mature Jennifer’s frantic self-attentions, we’re listening to her weirdly poetic sexual rant: "Come, Cosmo... You shoot stars into Jenny’s secret night sky and make Milky Way, all constellations, hidden galaxies of heaven and bright sky orgasms of Birkenfest all over Jenny’s secret night sky." The Deviate is still dizzy. From the 35mm horny-as-hell negative. -- Don the Deviate, America Moralia

Trailer views: 6810
SKU: 3206
Format: DVD-R
Year: 1970
Color: Color
Starring: Barbara Mysen
Co-starring: Ron Swift
Directed by: Seemore Doules

Jennifer (Adults Only!)

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