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     Perhaps the boldest of the early sex documentaries, The History of Pornography is a comprehensive view of graphic depictions of sex in art and literature from ancient times onward.
    That most of the film's running time is dedicated to hardcore film loops provides our first clue that The History Of Pornography was not intended for collegiate-level classes in art appreciation.
     Eastern erotic art soon gives way to 1960s Danish porn magazines, leading up to the history of hardcore sex in cinema. Tantalizing excerpts from the rare Argentinean stag reel El Satario (The Satyr, ca. 1907-1912) and the infamous fifties' loop The Nun's Story logically spill into split beaver loops (easy Bucky!) and explicit threesomes with horny, tattooed revelers.
     Look for Flesh Gordon star SUZANNE FIELDS (a.k.a. Cindy Stokes) in a brief cameo with a giant black dildo.
     Narrated by porn director BOB (Tropic of Passion) CHINN (who in all likelihood was hiding behind the phony Scandinavian director's credit), The History of Pornography is as factually accurate as it is graphic.
     In fact, Bucky feels compelled to warn you that this one may melt your VCR! 
- Charles Kilgore, ecco

Trailer views: 12469
SKU: 35719
Format: DVD-R
Color: Color
Starring: Suzanne Fields
Directed by: Bob Chinn

History of Pornography (Adults Only!)

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