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A man and a woman walk into an enclosed atm booth. she tries to make a withdrawl and the man tries to rob her. He is the most incompetent robber you have ever seen mainly because she is his first victim and he's doing it out of desperation. There's a power outage and they are trapped together so they start talking to each other. the woman has been a prostitute her whole like by choice. The great Sandra Ng, the best comedian ever to come from Hong Kong, plays the porstitute and is the most unlikely woman to ever try that profession. She's pretty, but her looks and personality do not make for a very likely lady of the evening. Her adventures are both hilarious and at times very touching. The man who is trapped with her also has his story. He was wiped out in the stock market crash and his wife went when his money went. His name is James Bond and he tells Sandra Ng his movie is coming out next week. (17**)

Golden Chicken (With Slipcase)

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