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Built with the utmost in 20th-century technology, Mechagodzilla(r) is the ultimate in Godzilla(r)-busting weaponry. Fueled by a nuclear reactor and sheathed in a synthetic diamond shield, the mammoth metal robot is Japan's greatest hope for ending Godzilla(r)'s reign of terror. Meanwhile, on a remote island polluted by nuclear waste, a team of scientists discover a giant egg in a Pteranodon nest, and bring it home for study. When BabyGodzilla hatches, both Rodan and Godzilla(r) return to claimthe cuddly infant as their own. Will their monstrous maternal instincts cause a custody battle capable of destroying Mother Earth? Or will Mechagodzilla(r) prove an effective eradicator, leaving BabyGodzilla an orphan for life?

Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla II

SKU: 043396089891
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