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GALILEO #16. 1980. Edited by CHARLES RYAN. Fiction by JOAN VINGE, ALIVE LAURENCE, JOHN ALFRED TAYLOR, LEANNE FRAHM, plus  part 4 of 4 of "Ringworld Engineers" by LARRY NIVEN.  Graphic story by TERRY LEE & JOHN KESSEL. Guest editorial by JOE HALDEMAN. This was the final issue. Ironically, as the magazine got better, it suddenly acquired newstand distribution. This forced the publisher to raise the print run too high to fill huge orders, and when most of those copies failed to sell, the magazine was bankrupted on the returns. Had it remained on a smaller scale, it could have continued. A couple years later, Ryan tried again with ABORIGINAL SF.


Condition: GOOD - several creases on spine !"100" in marker on cover


All magazines are packaged with Collectors in mind. They will be individually bagged, and sandwiched between two pieces of over-sized cardboard. This not only helps to prevent magazine edge damage during the shipping phase, but it also helps to prevent folding and rough handling of the magazine(s), helping to ensure you will receive your item in the same condition that it was shipped(M2)

Galileo Magazine of Science and Fiction #16 1980

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