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The seed is planted … the nightmare grows.

On planet Xarbia, an experimental life form known as “Subject 20” has been created by an elite group of scientists in hopes of preventing a major galactic food crisis. However, instead of prolonging life, Subject 20 is destroying it, and the organism poses a double threat because it constantly changes its genetic structure. Mike Colby, a bounty hunter, is called in to investigate. Suspecting that the scientists are keeping something from him, Colby soon discovers why …

Bonus Features

  • NEW 4K Scan Of Original Film Elements (Theatrical Cut)
  • NEW 2K Scan Of The Only Existing Film Print (Director’s Cut)
  • “The Making Of Forbidden World” – Featuring Interviews With Director/Editor Allan Holzman, Special Visual Effects Artist/Production Designer Robert Skotak, Actor Jesse Vint, Composer Susan Justin And More …
  • Interview With Producer Roger Corman
  • Interview With Special Effects Artist John Carl Buechler
  • Audio Commentary By Director Allan Holzman (Director’s Cut)
  • Theatrical Trailer
  • Photo Galleries

Forbidden World (Scream Factory Limited Edition Steelbook)

SKU: 826663200904
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