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The Erotic Adventures of Hansel and Gretel is a German sexploitationer that follows a different path than most of Schulmadchen (Schoolgirl) Report and Hausfrauen (Housewife) Report films that were so popular in their home country during the late sixties and early seventies.

Poor young Hansel (blond Michael York look-alike DAGOBERT WALTER) is increasingly frustrated by the reluctance of his girlfriend, Gretel (FRANCY FAIR) to give in to his desires. He takes her on a country picnic where he unsuccessfully tries to weaken her resistance by lavishing her with such compliments as "You’re about the best cook I’ve ever met!" and "A girl built like you is missing out on a lot of fun!" Yep, he’s a real charmer alright.

When a fallen tree mysteriously blocks the road on their way home, they are approached by the beautiful, sexually liberated Countess Helga, who generously invites them to spend some time at her country mansion (replete with bright orange sofa and groovy purple and red plastic lamp shades).

What follows is a weekend of wicked mind (and body) games, as Countess Helga puts Hansel through the sexual wringer. (Hansel may be good-looking, but he desperately needs a shower. In one scene, he walks around with massive sweat stains under his armpits.) To pad out the running time, "comical" scenes of Hansel trying to ride a horse and sneak into Gretel’s window are inserted, while the buxom maid spends her time watching the horses mate when she’s not getting pawed by the sleazy gardener (which isn’t often). Hansel also has drug-induced hallucinogenic nightmares involving torture and bloody S&M.

All this leads to an ironic role reversal with Gretel metamorphosising into the sexually aggressive one, and Hansel suddenly seeing the up side to celibacy. Countess Greta somehow ages when Hansel and Gretel announce their departure and, just in case it gets too disorienting for you, an effeminate narrator named Oscar periodically chirps in to explain the goings on.

Imagine a fairy tale directed by Jess Franco and you may have an idea of what to expect with The Erotic Adventures of Hansel and Gretel.

From a 35mm gingerbread print. -- John Harrison

SKU: 3198
Format: DVD-R
Year: 1970
Color: Color
Starring: Dagobert Walter,
Co-starring: Francy Fair
Other cast: Barbara Kilingered, Karl Dall

Erotic Adventures of Hansel & Gretel (Adults Only!)

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