What do you do on a Saturday night in the southwest when you’re bored and a member of the local satanic cult? Well, you can always tie up a mexican sexpot with barbed wire, drive metal stakes through her hands, and set her on fire. Which is what members of "The Disciples of Death" are doing on Black mesa near the Mexican border.
     But since human sacrifices have a way of attracting attention, Deputy Sheriff Jase (DAVID S. CASS), "the Matt Dillon of West Texas," starts poking around. He starts poking around. He starts by looking for a missing guy named Ozzie Perkins who had his tire shot out by a roadside sniper, hitched a ride to get help, and ended up getting crucified in a giant cavern. When Ozzie's burnt-to-a-crisp body is found by hunters ("Fire: it's a hard way to go..."), Jase checks into a nearby desert-style hunting lodge run by a self-described "high-class hermit" named Glenn (JOSH BRYANT),as does anthropologist Leslie Culver (IRENE KELLY) who's writing a book on "weird cults and crazy religions."
      In fact, by the time the above-mentioned Mexican gal is turned to toast, and on of Glenn's guests is tossed into a snake pit by a bunch of chanting, cloak-wearing, torch wielding cultists, Leslie is pretty sure the culprits are a new strain on Penitentes who, despite the title, aren't really satanic though they do love a good human sacrifice. Unfortunately, as she quickly learns, you never really know who's a member of cult until you're