What do you get when a Spook-Show magician (and local TV-horror host) writes, produces, directs, does the special effects, and stars in a no-budget murder-mystery courtroom-drama permeated with a pre-Faces of Death - style obsession with death by execution? Yup: The Electric Chair, a wonderfully off-kilter filmed-in-the-Carolinas regional rarity that's a perverse joy from beginning to end.
     Reverend Sam's marriage isn't working. His much-older (an tough-as-nail) wife Clair wnats none of "that dirty physical stuff." So, after a prayer meeting, the Rev. Sam steps out with Miss Marilyn, whose beer-swillin' fat slob of a husband ignores her: "I need tofeel like a woman, the way you need to feel like a man!" Together, they have a brief affair -- until someone murders them. Sam is shot point blank in the head while Marilyn has her tongue "ripped right out of her head" which is "damn near cut off her body." But who done it? The D.A. pins the murders on loony religious fanatic Mose Cooper (hilariously overplayed by the director, J.G. "PAT" PATTERSON) who claims to have had a vision of the murder: "Yey, there's been a judious Judas right here in our midst!" Sentenced to die in the electric chair, Mose is "fifteen seconds away from gettin' fried" when a surprise alibi clears him. Clair and her brother Crazy Billy are then put on trial