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Death Scenes 2: Uncensored Scenes of Death continues to explore the gruesome and often violent side of death. Scenes of man's inhumanity to man, as depicted in atrocities captured on tape in Bosnia, South Africa, Peru and Iraq.

Be ushered past police barricades to witness the unbelievable remains of serial killer victims. Glance at the never before seen photographs of Sharon Tate.

Feel the chilling effect of air show disasters as they occur!

The innocence of youth is dismissed when you watch how easily one youth discharges his anger and gun into an opposing gang member. Blood Stained cement is a common site in today's gang riddled cities.

Feel a little bit of sorrow, but do not become squeamish at the sight of suicide victims, and what it actually looks like, not Hollywood sterilized version.

If Death Scenes I took you to the edge, Death Scenes 2 will put you over!! (12**)

Death Scenes 2

SKU: 828221100022
    • Actors: Jeffrey Dahmer, Anthony DeSalvo
    • Directors: Nick Bougas
    • Format: Color, NTSC
    • Language: English
    • Region: All Regions
    • Number of discs: 1
    • Rated: NR Not Rated
    • Studio: Anthem Pictures
    • Run Time: 84 minutes
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