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Dead In 5 Heartbeats is adapted from the successful novel by American Legend Sonny Barger, Directed by Independent Filmmaker Jeff Santo (This Old Cub, Off The Boulevard) and was shot in 24 days entirely on location in the State of Arizona. A majority of the featured fictional motorcycle club members in the film, The Infidelz, were played by real 81 Club Members. Also, a majority of the MC’s featured in the film were authentic and from the state of Arizona - The Hooligans, Alma, and The Rollin Knights. 
Dead In 5 Heartbeats is an authentic look into the MC World, its narrative pours from the hearts of two Motorcycle Club Members, played by Jeff Black and David Della Rocco. It’s a story of two friends with opposing positions, who together, discover the true meaning of their Motorcycle Club Brotherhood.(17**)

Hells Angels Sonny Barger's 'Dead in 5 Heartbeats'

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