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"She killed him with one blow!" Also known as The Case of the Full Moon Murders and The Case of the Smiling Stiffs, Sex on the Groove Tube is a hopelessly dated but nevertheless entertaining relic from the Golden Age of Grungy Sex Sinema.

Co-directed by future Friday the 13th creator SEAN S. CUNNINGHAM. Sex on the Groove Tube starts off in typical adult film territory as Emma, a tempting piece of man-bait in white hot pants, strolls about Miami (where the film was lensed) catching leering looks from every male she passes. When she returns home, Emma discusses her love-life problems with her housemate, Caroline, who tells her, "You’re going to keep losing boyfriends unless you start going down on them!’

That night, Caroline kicks Emma out of the house in order to entertain her boyfriend. Rather than go to the movies like most people would, Emma spends the time prowling the neighborhood, peeping in bedroom windows. She watches a married couple, Beau and Daisy, enjoy a game and, aroused, crawls into their bedroom after the two fall asleep and treats Beau to a blowjob. The next morning, Daisy wakes up to find Beau dead, stiff...and smiling.

Enter Joe and Frank, two Dragnet -styled detectives, who arrive on the scene to find "a male corpse with an enormous erection.’ They also discover bat droppings beside the corpse, and deduce that a female vampire is at work. As the detectives question the neighbors, Richard Dick Silverman, a sleazy reporter (played by hardcore stud HARRY REEMS), begins snooping around for a story. For no apparent reason, the detectives decide that Emma is their suspect, and organize a neighborhood party at Daisy’s house in the hopes of weeding her out. Their plan works when Emma leaves another smiling stiff in the bedroom, although if s left up to Silverman to bring her to justice,.,.

Ending with a special thanks to the Miami Police (!?), Sex on the Groove Tube has an interesting pedigree. Sean S. Cunningham had just come off his role as producer on Wes Craven’s controversial classic Last House on the Left, and brought a number of alumni from that film with him, including editor STEVE MINER (who would go on to helm Friday the 13th Part II & III, House, and the pilot episode of The Wonder Years), and actor FRED LINCOLN, who played the vile Weasel in Last House, and is cast here as Joe.(Lincoln went on to have a career in hardcore XXX features.) Some of the music from Last House was also recycled for Sex on the Groove Tube, and Harry Reems doubled as the film’s production manager under his real name, Herbert Streicher.

Released in both soft and hardcore versions (although all the XXX footage seems to have disappeared), Sex on the Groove Tube will leave its bite marks in a place where few other vampire films dare to venture.

From a 35mm throat-throbbing print. - John Harrison, The Graveyard Tramp

SKU: 3559
Format: DVD-R
Year: 1972
Color: Color
Starring: Fred Lincoln
Co-starring: Harry Reems
Other cast: Sheila Stuart, Cathy Walker, Ann Marshall
Directed by: Sean S Cunningham & Brad Talbot

Sex On The Groove Tube (Adults Only)

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