They’re baaaaaaaaaaaaack! Yup, it’s more Naked Nudists, who happily spend their lives communing with nature, wallowing in the sun, and running around like damn fools in their birthday suits. Most of this volume is comprised of rare 8mm Pickles and Beaver loops made in the mid-1960’s -- "produced by nudists for nudists" -- and sold to adults for educational purposes only to allegedly "serve adult viewers as a source of information and guidance regarding the Nudist Philosophy, and to encourage a more universal acceptance of the nude body as clean and wholesome." You betcha!


Look! That wacky bunch of good-looking Weekend Nudists from Volume 3 are at it again, and this time they’re having a Naked Barbecue! Rather than being confined to a camp, these bareass swingers have driven their naked station wagons deep into the woods, set up the grill, and are throwing themselves an old fashioned cookout. It’s just like a scene straight out of suburbia except, of course, with exposed genitals. Wiener, anyone?

Finished eating, everyone then heads down to the mangy watering hole to frolic in what is undoubtedly leech-infested water. Knowing how to have a good time, these unclad cutups also cram in some naked badminton while two lovely ladies pose for the artist in the group! Nudists are so talented...

Another loop from the series A French Nudist Adventure (see Volume 1 for four others) is subtitled Les Femmes and shows three of those fully-frontal femmes dancing and posing in their trailer park before getting downright silly at the beach!

A Naked Wedding is a surprisingly lyrical short starring naked MICHELLE ANGELO, star of the skinflicks For Love and Money (1