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     Cold prison walls. Steel bars slam shut on Lee (Larry McCoy), a black hairless thug. "Had me a foxy white bitch," he fumes. Now they’re fixing to hang me over a stinking piece of pussy." 
     And so begins Night of the Animals, a bottom-of-the-barrel blend of blaxploitation and soft-X sludge which really lives up to its title. Before the credits even roll, Lee breaks out of jail with a slow-witted Cro-Magnon named Harold (Doug Draine). Picked up by Lee’s soul sister Joan (Bunny Boyd), the trio embark on a quick crime spree which includes clubbing an old lady and blowing the brains out of a liquor store owner.
     Hunted by the fuzz, the ex-cons invade the home of Stanley, a coward in a Moe Howard haircut, and his neglected horny wife. "Kill ’em!" grunts Harold in between shoving fistfuls of chicken in his mouth. But Lee reminds him that they are lowlife scum just itching for some hot monkey sex. So the ebony egghead smacks Stanley’s cute daughter around and subjects her to some penile plundering.
     Before you can ask "Did I miss something?", things get strange. Everybody gets hammered on whiskey and pills and succumbs to their own insatiable desires. Everyone has a grand old time except for poor Stanley. Right in the middle of screwing Joan, Harold sneaks behind him and pops Stanley right in his fudge tunnel! (Guess he was confused by all those years in prison.)
      One of the pleasures of exploitation films of the 1970’s is their rare ability to make you laugh and cringe. Add Night of the Animals to the list. 

SKU: 36122
Format: DVD-R
Year: 1970s
Color: Color
Starring: Larry McCoy
Co-starring: Doug Draine
Other cast: Bunny Boyd
Directed by: Lee Taylor

Night of the Animals (Adults Only!)

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