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In 2017 The awesome VERNON WELLS was a featured guest at Horror-Rama.  We knew some of his fans may not have been able to make it out to Toronto's ONLY all horror show so we had the film icon sign some extra prints that can only be ordered here! He charged $40 at the show so we're only charging $40 as well!


Makes a perfect an unique gift for the Road Warrior / Cammando fan in your life !! 


All autographs are packaged with Collectors in mind. They will be individually bagged, and sandwiched between three pieces of over-sized cardboard. This not only helps to prevent edge damage during the shipping phase, but it also helps to prevent folding and rough handling of the autograph(s), helping to ensure you will receive your item in the same condition that it was shipped (H)

Vernon Wells autographed print

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