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Jesus wants you! And you better follow Him and do what He says or you won’t get into Heaven and, instead, will burn Down Below with the little devils and their pitchforks. So, please, watch this 9th volume of Christian Scare Films and believe!

The Door to Heaven (b&w): Jaw-dropping 1940’s-era Christian Scare Film showcases the Door to Heaven. Literally. Forget about those Pearly Gates -- the Door to Heaven is actually a perfectly ordinary white modern framed door in a black room with white stars painted on the walls. Just so there’s no confusion, there’s even a "Door to Heaven" sign above it. And, nope, you just can’t pass through Heaven’s Door into the beautiful city of gold if you’re carrying a Big Box of Sin. (A guy tries but the box is wider than the door frame!) Nor can you enter if you’re holding a valentine-style heart labeled "Unbelief," or while holding bags of money or a placard reading "Earthly Fame." Major Hot Tip: you better get in there while the Door’s still open! Wow. Featured extensively in Diane Keaton’s wonderfully wacky documentary, Heaven (1987),The Door to Heaven is the definitive examination of all doors -- heavenly or otherwise -- and, hands down, the Greatest Christian Scare Film ever made! Scary says, "Break on through to the other side!"

The Bible in a Warring World (b&w): Speaks the praises of The American Bible Society who provide bibles for the Armed Forces because, damn it, not even the horrors of World War II can stand between a man and his New Testament! Scary says "Don’t let war spoil your enjoyment of the scripture!"

Reaching Out (b&w): It’s infighting galore as Church members must decide whether to use their savings to fix up the old church or to build new churches in booming suburbia. (Ironically, the church member most opposed to branching out is actor LEWIS MARTIN, who played the proselytizing preacher blasted by the Martians in War of the Worlds!) After much head-scratching and voting against, the missionary types score a victory and, before you can say "franchise," the streets of suburbia are lined with churches with plenty more due on the horizon! Scary says, "Spread the Word missionary style!"

Speak No Evil (b&w): Nancy works for Mr. Rogers (JAMES ANDERSON, usually a B-movie bad guy in films like I Married a Monster from Outer Space) and, after an innocent late night at the office, he drives her home. A nosy neighbor spots the two and gossip soon spreads like wildfire! Nancy’s poor husband, Ted (played by a young pre Star Trek DE FOREST KELLEY), takes it well but Mrs. Rogers does not. Thank goodness Ted is on hand to calm her down with words from Christ! Scary say, "Damn it, Jim, I’m a bit-player in a Christian Scare film, not a doctor!"

Summer Decision (b&w): Psyche rock and surfing open this unusual Christian dilemma film. Paul wants to surf with his non-Christian pal in Hawaii, but he’s already made plans to spend the summer at Christian camp. While there, a group of teens -- including Spider Baby’s BEVERLY WASHBURN! - tragically wrestle with the baggage of being Do-Gooder Christians in a swingin’ party era. Scary says, "Surfs up! God’s a bummer!" --Scary Ed
Format: DVD-R
Year: 1950s 1960s
Color: Color and B&W
Starring: De Forest Kelley
Co-starring: James Anderson
Other cast: Beverly Washburn, Lewis Martin

Christian Scare Films Vol.9

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