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Christian Citizenship (b&w) Politics collides with Christian values in this timely examination of an honorable candidate running for office. A corrupt business man wishes to have the mayor in his pocket. He spots a naive Christian do-gooder and offers to back him in the race for mayor. Christian Citizen snags the bait, then realizes his mistake. Recount, anyone? 
Scary says: "Too close to call!"

Sharing is Fun (b&w) Billy wants a puppy, but in order to buy one he must save up a whopping $3. Enter next door neighbor Chuck, a paraplegic. Poor Chuck once had a nice dog called Ginger, but it got run over. Tragedy aside, Chuck and Jimmy combine forces and sooner than you can say "Who let the dogs out," Jimmy has enough to get a swell lil’ puppy. In honour of Chuck, Billy names the dog Ginger and decides to share him. 
Scary says: "Sharing is not really that fun!"

Profile of a Problem (b&w) Surreal documentation of the decline of Presbyterian churches. Population explosion and rampant materialism have sent people flocking to the suburbs. The once great Churches which radiated hope and faith now lay in ruin and decay. The host doesn’t believe in a melting pot culture. No sir. He feels it’s a pressure cooker. Uh-oh. He also feels that property and paganism are the Church’s greatest foes. I wonder why. 
Scary says: "Where did all the Presbyterian churches go?"

Before They Say I Do (color) is a colorful little oddity paid for by a pharmaceutical company. Bride to be feels terrible, but doesn’t know why. After talking to a therapist, her deep rooted fear of sex surfaces. She really wants the fun of sex, but without the consequences. Sound familiar? No problem! The therapist whips out a diaphragm and drops an atomic taboo bomb. Sex without consequence!
Scary says: "Totally Sex-Ed Christian Scare Unorthodox Product Placement Extravaganza!"

The Way to Heaven (b&w) Paul and Bob do some hard jamming on their ukuleles. They preach the rockin’ way to heaven. Then the revelation - Bob is blind! He reads scripture via braille. Then you laugh. Or cry. Or both. 
Scary says: "Bob’s way!" --Scary Ed
Format: DVD-R
Year: 1950s 1960s
Color: Color and B&W
Starring: Paul Levin & Bob Findley

Christian Scare Films Vol.8

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