Christian Scare Films are amongst the most bizarre, surreal and disturbing entries in the classroom education genre, so say a quick prayer as Something Weird does their best to convert us with these vintage religious shorts.

World Behind the Headlines paints a grim picture of modern life as a crippled Korean War vet wanders around the city with a permanent scowl on his face, as newspaper headlines greet him at every turn: “New H-Bomb Test Planned,” “Two Killed In Teenage Gunfight”! About to snap, he knocks on the door of a church and is invited in by Pastor Clyde Taylor, who happily listens to the vet’s tales of woes – from being wounded in Korea to discovering that his alcoholic wife has been killed in a car accident. “Each Christian home is a quiet battlefield,” the Pastor reminds him, who sends the vet on his way with the knowledge that through God we can all look forward to A Better Tomorrow.

Teenage Romance (1961) immerses us in a world straight out of Leave it to Beaver,